Best way to dry out a wet basement

As a result of poor quality or damage to the waterproofing of walls, the storage of wet products, clogged ventilation pipes or errors in their installation, dampness may appear in the basement, and sometimes it is simply flooded with groundwater. In these cases, you need to either warm the air or create intensive ventilation.

Best way to dry out a wet basement:

Drying out a wet basement

  1. The procedure is more convenient to carry out in the summer, when most of the shelves are empty. All boxes, racks are dismantled and taken out to fresh air for ventilation.
  2. Open the door or hatch to the cellar and leave for two or three days (subject to dry a wet basement in dry weather). Fresh air will partially reduce the humidity. If the process goes on for a long time, then ventilation requires cleaning.
  3. If heavy moist air is difficult to rise through the chimney, then it is necessary to stimulate the initial natural draft. To do this, a lighted torch made of thick paper is briefly brought to the exhaust pipe.
  4. If the humidity is very high, then they bring in a box with some natural desiccant – charcoal or dry lime, they absorb moisture from the air well.

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