Do you have water in your yard? Does the basement always flood after a heavy rain? A simple solution can help get rid of these problems. Here are the basics. Exterior and internal French drain basement is a useful invention that is a ditch in the ground, in which a perforated pipe is laid under a layer of gravel. This pipe diverts stormwater from where you don’t want it to—like along a foundation — and redirects that water to a storm drain or rain barrel.

What is French Drainage?

The French drain basement avoids many problems. While gutters collect rainfall as it runs off the roof, interior vs exterior French drain carry water away from the ground. Suppose that after a rainstorm, water tends to accumulate in a certain low spot on your property.

Redirecting the flow of water with a French drain eliminates this problem. French drainage also protects basements from water ingress. In wet places on the site, water is pressed against the foundation and gradually seeps into the house. With a French drain, however, the water near the bottom can be diverted elsewhere.

Additional notes on interior vs exterior basement waterproofing drains:

  1. Instead of wrapping the pipe in landscape fabric, you can buy a flexible perforated pipe that is wrapped in waterproof fabric.
  2. If you are planning to dig a long trench, consider hiring specialized equipment to get it done faster.
  3. Place a rain barrel at the end of your drainage system to collect rainwater for garden use.
  4. After digging, you are expected to have a large amount of land. Before starting a project, decide what you will do with it.

If water continues to intrude into your basement despite seemingly adequate outdoor drainage, then you may need to install an indoor French drain. The installation includes cutting a trench in the basement slab around the perimeter of the foundation, laying a pipe in the trench, and installing a pump in the sump to move water from the inside to the outside.

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