Restoring the waterproofing of the foundation and basement walls is associated with the removal of worn-out sealing materials and the creation of new protective membranes. The effectiveness of the repair depends on the skill of specialists and the choice of the most suitable technique for protecting structures from water. If you are interested in the query “basement repair companies near me”, then we recommend that you contact our specialists.

Grounds for work

The basement, like the foundation, is located below the zero level. The ruined elements of the structure are actively affected by ground, melt and sedimentary waters. Due to moisture, shrinkage, as well as the installation of an insulating coating without complying with SNiPs, there is a violation of the sealing of surfaces in underground rooms.

The need for basement foundation repair of waterproofing arises due to the following reasons:

  • an increase in the hydrostatic pressure of groundwater, not taken into account when designing the task;
  • the presence of quicksand and frost heaving, which violate the integrity of bituminous membranes;
  • decrease in the efficiency of the drainage system;
  • ejection of the sealing material from the formwork holes under the pressure of water;
  • construction errors in the construction of hydroelectric power stations and treatment facilities.

The low quality of the materials used to protect the foundation, and the expiration date of the compositions, are the reasons for the work to restore the sealing of ruined structures in the basement. Our company offers services for foundation repair in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue.