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Water in your basement?

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Our drain system is reliable and will serve you a long time. Reliability of that system allows us to give our clients a life time guarantee.

Actual system is a maintenance free and does not require any care. The sump pump is a maintenance free too, however it requires to do simple visual inspection once a year before rainy season. Backup pump battery should be checked as it required by the owner’s manual.

Sump pumps that we install are extremely quiet and installed in a box with a solid top cover that is leveled with the concrete slab or floor. That helps the whole system work quietly so it is almost impossible to hear the running pump.

During normal rainy days average time of filling the drain system with water takes 4-5 hours. (may vary depends on house location, system lengths, basement deepness, etc.) If you afraid that in your area electricity outage may be longer than that time, we recommend to install backup battery powered sump pump that can run on battery up to 7 days.

It is common that the most damaged area could end up in a bedroom. But It is not a problem since installed system is silent and hardly audible even during quiet night sleep. In most cases the discharge pipe is hidden under the finished wall. Therefore, the system can be installed in a bedroom.

The system does not impact the structure of the house. The foundation will remain untouchable except in the case of necessary foundation wall cracks fixing.

The system has a double layer membrane that is leveled with the ground level to prevent any type of moisture or condensate to be on the walls.