Basement Drainage Solutionsseattle

Basement waterproofing in Seattle is a set of measures to protect building structures from moisture and groundwater, and at the same time, waterproofing often means the materials with which this protection is provided, that is, waterproofing materials. When choosing them, one should proceed from the characteristics of the terrain, relief, water bodies, humidity in the region, as well as the mode of operation and purpose of the facility.

Features of such a system:

  • high strength of welded seams;
  • thermal protection of the structure;
  • reduction of groundwater pressure on the structure through the use of drainage systems;
  • free laying of waterproofing material without adhesive adhesion;
  • installation using automatic equipment;
  • repairable system.

The basis of the building, its support is the foundation. It originates from the earth, partially buried in it. Groundwater, first of all, affects the foundation of the building, which absorbs moisture and gives it to all walls and ceilings. When waterproofing in Seattle the foundation, it should be reliably protected from exposure from the outside and inside. The quality of the waterproofing of the foundation directly affects the humidity in the basement.

Basement waterproofing from the inside

In many buildings, both private and industrial, basements are not only technological and utility rooms, but also full-fledged rooms, such as a laundry, workshop, cellar, gym, garage or underground parking. In such premises, sump pumps in Seattle are actively used. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you evaluate the quality of basement waterproofing, especially if you did not take part in the construction of the building.

The floor of the basement is waterproofed horizontally, and the walls – vertically. The vertical one prevents the wall from absorbing moisture, the horizontal one repels groundwater entering the foundation from below. Do not neglect any of them, but waterproof the entire room, paying attention to the seams and joints. If you are looking for master waterproofing and french drains in Seattle, we recommend that you contact our company. We offer basement waterprfooing services in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett to help you meet your challenge.