According to the industry specialists, basement waterproofing can be a good investment with about 30% of ROI.


There are many advantages of foundation waterproofing. Avoiding damage to your home’s foundation structure, lowering your energy bill, preventing mold and respiratory infections and preventing flooding are just a few of them. Along with all of the benefits, basement waterproofing can be a good investment with about 30% of ROI according to the industry specialists. So, let’s dive deeper into the topic to figure out whether basement waterproofing is a good fit for an investment.



What a homebuyers look for when buying a house?

Let’s put ourselves in the homebuyer’s shoes and see the things from their perception. One of the top things, if not the first one, that is suggested to be checked when buying a house is foundation. If there are any leakages, high humidity or mold, a home inspector will see it as a red flag. It may cause you to sell your property at a cheaper price or you may have difficulty selling your house at all. As a result, if your basement is waterproofed, you can sell your house faster and for a better price or even make it livable.


Turn your basement into a living place

You can add square footage to your house by turning your basement into a living place. Finishing a basement to add a room increases the value of a home and provides a location for renters, relatives, and friends who don’t mind living in basement rooms. However, completing a basement requires careful planning and the selection of appropriate improvement options. Aside from measuring and planning, you must inspect plumbing and wiring, add insulation foam for warmth and sound, and ensure that no leaks or moisture problems will occur when all of the basement work is completed.


A house with a dry basement sells faster and for a better price

In fact, by waterproofing their basement, most homeowners profit. A dry basement not only attracts buyers, but it also adds value to your home. Why? A dry basement gives buyers more usable area and ensures the long-term security and stability of the house. Homes with dry basements often endure less water damage and have better foundations than those with wet basements. A dry, airtight basement is also more energy efficient.


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