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Basement interior waterproofing

This method is applied when the problem has just appeared and it always helps prevent its getting worse. It includes the installation of the French drain and / or sump pump to get the excess water out of the basement. We ensure the long-lasting results and lifetime warranty. We will do all the jobs fast and at an affordable price.

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Basement exterior waterproofing

The method is used when the root cause of wetness is located outside. The exterior waterproofing work is costlier and more extended than the interior one. The technology may need a deep excavation requiring heavy tools and machinery. We often use a polymer-based sealant here.

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French drain

A French drain is not too complicated. It is just a ditch in the ground with a perforated pipe inside, coated with a layer of gravel. The funnels push the excess water outside and away from the foundation. We use the most efficient tools for installing the French drain in your home.

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Sump pumps

This is an appliance which is used regularly in the regions where the water table is located above the houses’ foundations. They are installed to remove the excess water which is pumped outside. The water is accumulated in a special water-collecting water basin and then driven away by the pump.

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