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Water in your basement?

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French Drain

Are you tired of dealing with soggy lawns, flooded basements, and water damage? It’s time to invest in a French drain in Seattle, WA. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise to design and install a French drain system that will protect your property from water damage and improve your overall drainage. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to learn more about our French drain installation services and take the first step towards a drier, healthier property.

The problem of a wet basement or soggy yard can be solved with the help of a French drain. The name does not relate to the country. It is the last name. Henry French was a lawyer and farmer from Massachusetts, USA. He described the idea of farm drainage in his book published in 1859.

This idea is based on the fact that water always flows downhill. It tends to find the easiest route so a little sloped trench is a good solution and the best road for excess water from rainfalls, snow melting, and floods. The trench is filled with gravel. There is a perforated pipe on its bottom which collects the water and drives it away from your house.

Our company offers a range of French drain systems and services depending on your purpose and peculiarities of the area where your house is located.


French Drain in Seattle, WA

French Drain and Its Benefits

French drains are very effective because water can flow down easily through them. First, it flows into a trench full of round gravel. Then, it is directed into a perforated pipe. The pipe empties into a collector located at the safe distance from your home’s foundation. The bottom of the trench is sloped slightly – about 1 inch for every 8 feet. The slope should be made in the direction you want to drive the water. You can direct the water into the lowest lying part of your yard, a drainage ditch, onto the street, or into a dry well.

The reasons of such an installation are obvious::

  • A French drain can prevent standing water in your basement or backyard. That will reduce the damage such long-term water can cause.
  • The installation looks aesthetically pleasing. The French drain can be covered with a layer of pebbles, some plants, or grass, or even decorative grates which are usually a part of the overall landscape design.
  • The drain is cost-effective. The installation and maintenance of it are reasonably priced. We also offer some discounts to our loyal clients. Anyway, having a French drain installed in your property will never break the bank.
  • The appliance reduces hydrostatic pressure which affects the foundation and retaining walls. They will be protected against cracks and crevices caused by the heavy loads.
  • Your lawn will never be waterlogged or soggy again so you will be able to grow beautiful plants there.
  • Keeping your crawl space or basement drier prevents excess moisture, rotting wood, nasty insects, and mold there so your health won’t suffer from them and the value of your property will never decrease.

We are a professional waterproofing company with a good deal of experience and expertise. We can install a French drain and help you maintain it with the long-lasting warranty of its perfect work.

Types of French Drains and How to Install Them

There are several situations when you need a French drain for your property badly. One of them is when the excess water from natural flooding, rainfalls, or snow melting gets into your basement.

There are different types of French drains that our experienced technicians can recommend and install depending on the purpose of use and the overall situation around your house.

Deep French Drains

This installation is also called a footing drain. It is applied when the excess water gets into the basement. The drain runs around the perimeter of your property at the level of its footing. In that way, it can intercept the water and prevent it entering the basement.

We recommend installing deep French drains when the house is under construction. However, such a drain can be added later, though the process is more complicated and expensive. The increased cost depends on the height of your foundation wall as well as on the landscaping features, walkways, or decks in your backyard which will be removed to dig down to the footing.

If it is impossible to arrange a slope for your French drain system, you may need to collect the water in the interior catch basin. Then, a sump pump is used to get rid of the water and drive it away to a Disposal Well outside.

Interior French Drains

This method is very helpful if you want to keep your basement completely dry. In some cases, it is even more effective than a footing drain.

Our workers will cut a small trench around the inside perimeter of the basement floor. They will have to take off the concrete and install a perforated pipe in the space. A catch basin is also installed in the floor and the water flows into it. The appliance needs a sump pump to send the water out into a Disposal Well or yard

To complete the installation, the trench is patched with a layer of concrete. A membrane layer is put on the wall to collect the moisture which dribbles down the wall.

Basement Expert – Professional French Drain Contractor in Seattle, WA

If you experience problems with a wet basement, our company can offer you the installation of a French drain as one of the most effective methods of waterproofing. Our experience always helps us meet all our clients’ needs and requirements to gain the best results. We provide a lifetime warranty for our installation of interior/exterior French drain systems. You will get our care and custom support because we always consider the individual situation and specific conditions.

If you want to get rid of the excess water problem in your household forever, ask us to arrive at the site, evaluate the amount of work, labor, and materials and start working immediately. Once installed, the French drain system will serve you reliably for a long time.

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