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Basement Expert is an awesome Everett company to deal with. Well, to be exact, I faced a problem with my basement not long ago and decided that I needed proper help. I found some nice reviews about these guys and called them right away. They did their work just great!

I wanted to order basement waterproofing because I was not satisfied with what was going on in my basement. And, I came across Basement Expert while googling for a nice company. I never complained about choosing them to cooperate with. Their services are truly exceptional, and the cost is fine too.
The team of Basement Expert helped me to waterproof my basement rather quickly. The first thing they did was paying a visit to my house and inspecting what the problem was. After this, I received an estimate and we agreed to work. My biggest problem was eliminated soon after this.
Basement waterproofing in Everett can turn out to be pleasant and efficient for you in case you choose to collaborate with Basement Expert. These guys are really polite and skillful about everything they do. I advise all my acquaintances to work with them because it’s worth it.
Working with Basement Expert in Everett was a really nice experience for me. I had an issue with my basement and something had to be done about this asap. The experts came to my place, inspected the basement and the house from the inside, and started to work a few days after this.
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There is a chance to make basement waterproofing in Everett as convenient as possible. And, you shouldn’t make a lot of effort to face this. The wisest solution to choose is to contact our Basement Expert company, consult with the local specialists, and meet in person.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Essence

When our clients mention that they need this kind of services, we are really glad to help them. Such assistance is going to be amazing if you have a damp or wet basement and are literally sick of it.

One of the greatest advantages of waterproofing basement from the inside in Washington is that it won’t cost you too much. What is more, such work is going to be completed rather quickly. It means that you are about to enjoy your Everett basement as soon as possible. Just rely on the help of our advanced company, and you will never regret it!

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Points

Well, this is what you need to know about waterproofing basement from outside:

  • It is about to be more expensive compared to the Everett, WA interior basement waterproofing which is mainly connected with the use of machinery and heavy tools (sometimes, there is a necessity to engage this);
  • It might take a longer time.

However, first of all, our advanced experts will come to the area you live in and carefully inspect your house. They will be ready to provide you with service only in case they discover a problem that comes from the outside. As for the price, in most cases it is $150 per linear foot.

Commercial Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Everett

The most important thing we would like to warn you about is this: if you see that there is a problem in your basement (the one you use for commercial purposes), ask for help as soon as possible! If you wait for too long, things may get even worse and in this case, you will have to pay more as long as major problems with the foundation can occur. We bet that you don’t want this, right?

Such a problem can take place even if you have just bought new construction. Some Everett, WA buildings are prone to mold and mildew and the best you can do is to ask for professional help when there is a minor issue yet.

Residential Basement Waterproofing Specialists in Everett

It is really unpleasant when you cannot take advantage of your house basement (Everett) for as much as it’s possible. Nevertheless, we have a nice solution for your home which is basement waterproofing according to the request you are about to make.

We are a basement waterproofing company to trust which is proven by the multiple reviews of the satisfied clients.

“Waterproof my basement” solution may cost you wasted time. Therefore, we advise you to deal with our nearby team and this will be a wise decision to make for sure. Do not worry about the cost because we will suggest an estimate to you which will help you to familiarize yourself with the price.


We are ready to state that it does. Waterproofing your basement will help you to avoid plenty of possible issues. And, in this case, you are going to be sure that your property won’t suffer.

Our team is striving to support you with this. We will deliver proper assistance and you will stay satisfied with the quality you are about to come across in the end.
It is not a big deal for us to do this. At the same time, you need to be aware of the fact that such a type of services may be costlier compared to interior waterproofing.
Everett basement waterproofing is going to be rather inexpensive. What is more, we provide each client with an estimate which allows them to get acquainted with an approximate cost and make a decision. Depending on the size of your basement, our basement waterproofing system inside your home can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $13,500 on average.
If you want to, you may make an attempt to do this. Nevertheless, it is going to be more rational to delegate such a task to the experts who know how to do this right.

Our Service Area

We provide basement waterproofing services in Everett, WA and surrounding areas (98201, 98203, 98204, 98206, 98207, 98208, 98213).