Exterior basement waterproofingTo avoid the problems with your wet basement and their dramatic outcomes, think about waterproofing. If the issue is more severe than just a small water leakage, and you regularly observe dark spots on the walls and puddles on the floor, you need to take action immediately.

Most Common Exterior Waterproofing Issues

Our expert technicians start with the on-site inspection to detect the cause of the issue. This first step is very important because when we know the exact factor which has led to the problem, we can offer the most efficient method of repairing it.

Among the areas of exterior leak problems, there are the most common ones:

  1. Basement Window Wells. Windows in the basement are usually located very low which can cause the excess water infiltration via the window-sills. The solutions of this problem are different depending on its severity. You may need to replace or repair the malfunctioning wells. We can also install a vertical weeping tile. Accompanied with a bedding of ¾ gravel, it will become a reliable protection and guarantee that water which enters the window area will be successfully drained away.
  2. Foundations Made of Blocks or Bricks. The foundation walls made of these materials may have air voids and mortar joints in them. The excess water can seep through them. We use the combination of exterior and interior waterproofing methods to repair this issue.
  3. Joints. The junctions between the footing and walls can be very leaky. It is especially dramatic when such water seepage appears in places where new extensions have been constructed. To prevent this problem or eliminate it, we use hydraulic cement which fills the joints and blocks water leaks completely.
  4. Top of Foundation. The place where the foundation meets the upper layers of the house is called a sill. It is a sort of threshold which is especially vulnerable to water leakage if it has not been sealed or the seal has deteriorated. We use a waterproof sealer to maintain the sill and prevent and prevent water penetration. Even if hydrostatic pressure is not heavy, water finds its way into the basement when this spot is left unattended.

Process of Exterior Waterproofing

Here is the procedure of exterior basement waterproofing we usually use in our company.

  1. The hardest and most unpleasant part of this method for homeowners is excavation done around the perimeter of the house. Such excavation is 4-8 feet deep and about 2.5 ft wide. The parameters of this procedure usually depend on the building’s location and elevation.
  2. Speed shoring is installed after the excavation to guarantee the safety of workers and prevent re-filling the excavated area with soil.
  3. Removal of old weeping tiles is the next step. The depth of excavation also depends on the positions of the footing and weeping tiles. As soon as the excavation reaches them, they should be taken out. We install a new weeping tile 4 inches in diameter with a filter cloth for more efficiency.
  4. There is a need to clean and inspect foundation walls thoroughly. We look for structural cracks or possible voids. The damaged areas are cut out and filled with the special non-shrink cement which expands in the process of drying out.
  5. A trowel-on rubber membrane is usually installed. It is the main part of exterior waterproofing. The membrane can expand or elongate when the foundation moves or settles.
  6. We install the mesh on top of the membrane and then apply a layer of rubber waterproofing to it. This is meant to support the membrane as a second waterproofing layer.
  7. If the building’s foundation is rather long (as in commercial premises), we install a soil side drainage sheet. This is applied on top of the termination bar to perform a function of a protective board or one more drainage membrane.
  8. We install window wells if the basement windows in your home are located below grade. The window wells are complemented with a 4-inch weeping tile which is set up vertically from the top of the window well to its footing. We are very careful about such an installation because the weeping tile and drainage pipe should not intersect to prevent clogging.
  9. The weeping tile is covered with a layer of clear gravel. This helps to enhance the capacity of drainage. If this is ignored, the drainage system can slow down or even get clogged.
  10. We refill the entire excavation area with its native soil sloping it in the outbound direction from the foundation. The soil is compacted to its normal level. You receive your basement waterproofed from the outside and you are unlikely to face any issues in the future.

Benefits of Exterior Waterproofing

If you can bear some inconveniences connected with hard excavation work in your backyard, you will be lucky enough to obtain a reliably waterproofed foundation and dry basement for a long time. That is why exterior waterproofing is considered more effective than the interior one. Despite longer time for this work, higher prices, and more efforts, exterior basement waterproofing has its indisputable advantages:

  1. The moisture reduction in the basement is immense because the method removes the sources of this moisture, eliminating musty smells and allergic substances as well.
  2. The structural capacity and soundness of the building’s foundation is improved greatly, so further deterioration of the foundation walls is completely excluded.
  3. The value of your property will increase. Realtors usually pay thorough attention to basements and they recommend finding a good waterproofing contractor to repair wet basements and increase the value of the house.
  4. The foundation of your home becomes stronger. When excess water is leaking continuously, it weakens the structural integrity of the foundation. Interior cracks, floor shifting, wall bending, and other issues may appear. If the basement is completely dry, you are sure to avoid these problems.
  5. Expert waterproofing from the outside of your house will provide you with the feeling of personal safety and security of your belongings, enhancing peace of mind and optimistic view of the future.

Our company can provide you with the most effective basement exterior waterproofing methods and techniques among all available ones on the market. Our experience and expertise always help us achieve the best results and leave our clients completely satisfied and happy. We provide a long-term warranty for all types of basement waterproofing in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue and you will receive the best and most caring service you can ever find in this niche.

If you have noticed the waterproofing issue in your basement and suspect that it may be more severe than it seems, get in touch with us right now and we will help you find the most efficient solution.

Final Thoughts

Severe waterproofing problems cannot be repaired as DIY projects. They need special attention from experts. Our company has all means, equipment, technologies, and workers’ expertise to deal with wet basements caused by different influences.

The most complicated problems are solved by exterior basement waterproofing. The method means repairing the basement from the outside. We will expose the foundation and apply some highly technological waterproofing materials to it. Exterior waterproofing is the most efficient and reliable method which guarantees long-lasting results.