Water leaking into basement

If there is water coming up from the basement floor in your home or any object, then it is time to turn to professionals. Basement leaks are a frequent and unpleasant complication that occurs immediately after construction or during the operation of a building.

How to keep basement dry, when water flows, excessive moisture in the basement carries several dangers at once:

  • wetting of the foundation;
  • change in sanitary and hygienic conditions;
  • damage to items stored in the basement;
  • communications corrosion.

Why is the basement leaking?

Water in basement after rain

Elimination of leaking basement is possible if the exact cause of the appearance of moisture is known. The reason why water flows may be:

  • defects in the waterproofing of the foundation and walls;
  • blind area or external lock defects;
  • miscalculations in the planning of the adjacent territory;
  • violation of the technology of concreting or masonry during the construction of the foundation;
  • destruction of building materials by aggressive groundwater or sewage;
  • improper organization of ventilation communications;
  • violation of the integrity of water or sewer networks.

Diagnosing the reason why the basement is flowing and basement waterproofing in Seattle, in most cases, require some effort. At a minimum, you will have to dig holes.