What is a sump pump and how does it work? The protection of basements and foundations of buildings largely depends on the quality of the drainage sump pump purpose. Often, a break in the water supply or clogging of the drainage system during the rainy season causes flooding of the lower part of the buildings, which leads to a deterioration in the sanitary situation and the extensive development of destructive processes. You can fix the problem with the help of a drainage pump, the purpose and principle of operation of which will be discussed in this article. If you want to know how to get water out of the basement without a sump pump, then our experts can help you.

sump pumps in basementSurface sump pumps systems must be protected from water entering the motor, since in this case it may fail. That is why the power of the pump must be sufficient to pump out the liquid at a speed exceeding the rate of rise of water in the pit. Professionals advise using pipes to connect the pump to the sewer, but for this you need to know the exact diameters of the pipes that will be connected. Surface drainage pumps are quite mobile and easy to maintain. If necessary, the sump pumps in Seattle can be easily moved to another place where fluid transfer is required, and the resulting malfunctions can often be corrected in the field, since the design is quite simple.

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