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Prevent damage and mold growth by waterproofing your foundation with professional exterior or interior solutions.
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Foundation waterproofing in Seattle, WAProtect your home’s foundation from water damage with a professional waterproofing company in Seattle, WA. Our experienced team uses the latest techniques and top-quality materials to keep your basement dry and your foundation strong. Don’t wait until it’s too late — contact us today to schedule a consultation and ensure your home’s longevity.

For a house or any construction, the foundation is the crucial part. It determines its stability on the ground where it is built. Most problems with foundations are water related. It affects the soil beneath the foundation too. It follows to swelling or losing its strength, even seeping back into the floor. Basement Experts has been a trusted advisor to many homeowners on foundation waterproofing. We have worked in Seattle for years. The team has developed the most advanced and unique foundation waterproofing system. It gives the solutions needed to keep any building’s floors dry. We can guarantee it will be clean, leak-free, and stable for years.

Causes and consequences of water damage to the foundation.

Water-saturated soil is the most common cause of foundation problems. It is true for most of the houses in Seattle. The water in the soil or around the foundation will cause it to move. It can also break it. This excess water accumulates under the influence of many factors, including:

  • Heavy rainfall cannot escape after storms and floods.
  • The gutter is clogged.
  • The downpipe is stuck or misdirected.
  • Broken sewer, improper grading drainage.

The factors mentioned above keep a lot of water pooling near the foundation. It softens and saturates the soil. If this water isn’t removed, the result will be damage to the building. Waiting for incredibly costly and dangerous repairs is not a good idea. You can ensure the structural integrity of your home by waterproofing your foundation in the first place, with the help of our team of professionals.

Types of foundation waterproofing

Foundation waterproofingFoundation waterproofing is a critical component in maintaining the structural integrity of concrete structures. It prevents the deterioration of building materials, particularly underground floors, and extends the lifespan of your property. If you are a homeowner, designer, or contractor in Seattle, WA, Basement Expert has a range of waterproofing solutions to suit your needs. Choosing the right waterproofing system for your construction project can be challenging, but our team of experts is here to guide you through the process, from design to installation. Invest in the longevity and safety of your property today by contacting Basement Experts for a tailored waterproofing solution. And any of the methods can be applied both internally and externally.

Foundation crack injections If large cracks exist

The procedure begins with drilling injection holes adjacent to and angled into the crack. Injection ports can then be installed in these holes. This creates an ideal delivery system for the chemical used to seal the crack. Foundation cracks can be filled with a variety of chemicals and materials, such as epoxy resin or polyurethane foam. Regardless of the injection material required, it will be precisely inserted into the crack.

Coats, sealants, and joint cements

Waterproofing coatings can be used to waterproof an interior basement where condensation is the primary source of moisture. It is also effective if the basement is only slightly damp. Most of the time, this method of waterproofing will not stop major leaks caused by rising groundwater or drainage failure.

This is the most basic and widely used foundation waterproofing method. Because of the materials used, weathering resistance, and longevity. This method has the advantage of being easy to build, cheap, and easy to deploy in all conditions.

However, this is not a reliable method of waterproofing. The reason for this is that the cement layer has shrunk. shrinkage. Extreme temperature changes cause it to crack and deform. It is also sensitive to chemical corrosion. Wet rooms necessitate waterproofing layers such as ceramic tiles.

French drains and basement waterproofing systems

A French drain is the most effective method of waterproofing a basement. To increase its effectiveness and lifespan, it is usually used in conjunction with other waterproofing methods. Basement Expert waterproofing is a drainage system that is installed around the perimeter of your basement below the footing and is linked to a catch basin with a sump pump. In addition, the double-layered membrane absorbs moisture from the walls and directs it to the system. This makes catching any water before it enters your basement simple and quick. To avoid water damage, the water is then directed away from the house and into a disposal well. Our system is designed to withstand hydrostatic pressure and features a double-layered membrane that prevents any water or gases from the soil from entering.

The process of foundation waterproofing

As a professional foundation waterproofing company trusted by homeowners, designers, and contractors in Seattle, WA, Basement Expert adheres to a rigorous process that meets the requirements of general regulations and projects. This process prevents water from seeping completely into your residential space.

  • Preparation of the work area
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Digging a trench for the French drain system
  • Attachment of waterproofing membrane
  • Installation of the waterproofing system
  • Pouring concrete

If you are looking for a reputable waterproofing contractor in Seattle, Washington, Basement Expert is a perfect match. Our experienced and professional experts with advanced treatment methods offer you solutions for waterproofing the foundation of the house. We ensure its structure is absolutely protected from water damage, whether it is under construction or an existing building.

New construction foundation waterproofing

We have collaborated with numerous leading builders in Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding area to offer seamless, top-notch waterproofing solutions that do not impede the construction process. For newly constructed foundations, we utilize the materials and techniques mentioned above to deliver comprehensive waterproofing services. Our offerings encompass the installation of a basement waterproofing system, both interior and exterior basement waterproofing, French drains, and sump pumps.

Waterproofing the existing foundation

For existing structures, many problems with water can result from not having proper foundation waterproofing from the beginning. As a certified foundation repair company in Seattle, we can assist homeowners with repairs no matter how complex their existing waterproofing problems are. The foundation repair service includes:

  • Remove the rotten wood due to water absorption.
  • Treat external cracks and prevent water from seeping through the wall into the house and floor.
  • Raise the foundation in case the foundation subsides, slips, or appears to have gaps between the floor, ceiling, and wall.
  • Concrete shrinkage causes the wall to crack (need to check the specific cause).

Many other possible problems may not be listed. So, you can contact us to book an inspection of your home’s foundation.

How Much Does a Foundation Waterproofing Cost?

A dry, solid foundation ensures safe and long-term use. It is essential for the living area. As a result, the house’s worth is increasing. It emphasizes how worthwhile an investment in waterproofing is. In Seattle, Washington, the price of waterproofing a foundation can range from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on several factors. Basement Expert can assure you of the best waterproofing services. We offer a competitive price compared to other contractors in the local market.


Those who want to find out the information needed to choose the most suitable service can refer to the most common questions that our customers often ask below.

Foundation waterproofing is a basic requirement in any new home build or renovation project. Proper foundation waterproofing helps protect subterranean structures from water ingress. It reduces the risk of damage from water seepage or floor subsidence. It protects inhabitants’ health and properties.
Lack of or improper foundation waterproofing can lead to many negative consequences. It is related to your home’s property damage. It usually costs more than you think and, most importantly, your well-being and safety.
The answer is yes. A high-quality foundation waterproofing system will protect the entire structure. It will help prevent water from leaking or seeping into the house through the floor. It also reduces the risk of floor subsidence in houses built in low-lying areas.
Inspecting the condition of your home regularly is essential. For any problems related to waterproofing, call Basement Expert.
The cost of making or fixing a foundation waterproofing system varies. It depends on several factors. It includes the area, type of waterproofing, and construction time. Basement Expert will provide a suitable quote for many budgets. It should happen after a detailed inspection. We also need to estimate the price. We need to calculate labor, materials, and other requirements.

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