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Foundation crack repair in Seattle, WAAre you noticing cracks in your foundation walls? Don’t ignore the warning signs! Contact our expert team for reliable foundation crack repair in Seattle, WA. Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge techniques and top-quality materials to ensure a lasting repair solution for your home. Call us right away to set up an inspection and stop further damage to your property!

In Seattle, Washington, buildings often have foundation cracking, which is typically not a huge concern. Yet it shouldn’t be underestimated. A little fracture might become larger over time and create structural problems, which could affect your real estate investment and put at risk the security of the neighborhood’s occupants and neighboring structures. Contact Basement Expert for superior foundation solutions for your Seattle home if you suspect or see indications of cracks or uneven foundations. The knowledgeable and experienced foundation crack repair specialists at Basement Expert will identify the exact cause of your problem and provide special treatment.

Common causes of foundation cracks

The reason behind a cracked foundation slab in residential buildings in Seattle, WA, can vary. Some of the most common causes are listed below:

  • Tree roots: Roots draw moisture out of the soil under the foundation, causing it to shrink and sag, leading to a breakdown of the underlying structure. Tree roots can also cause cracks in sidewalks and patios.
  • Settlement: Basically, the house’s foundation is built on the ground. If the soil is not consolidated, the weight of the house will cause the soil to settle. Differential settlement causes foundation cracks.
  • Expansive soil: This geological feature indicates that the ground swells when wet and contracts when dry. Soils containing high clay contents can pressurize the foundation and cause it to crack in the dry season.
  • Drainage failure. Poor drainage leads to excess water pooling around the foundation is the primary culprit of foundation cracks.
  • Leaking plumbing. Leaking water moistens around and under the foundation, which, over time, develops cracks.
  • The design and size of the foundation are not suitable for the type of soil, and the load that the foundation is carrying will create cracks. Building more floors is one example.
  • The foundation structure does not have enough reinforcements to make it solid and secure.

What are the signs of a foundation crack?

Foundation cracksThere are numerous indicators that homeowners can observe to identify a crack in the foundation of their home. Here are some warnings that your home needs the assistance of foundation crack repair professionals:

  • Wall Cracks – Cracks in drywall jagged and oozed at a 45-degree angle, grout cracks, and cracks in the door and window corners.
  • Self-closing or opening doors or sticking or rubbing doors and windows indicate that the frame has twisted due to foundation subsidence.
  • Sloping and cracked floors are signs of shifting and changing foundations. One side of a sloped or cracked floor is lower than the other.
  • If water gets into your basement or crawl space, it could mean that your foundation might have large cracks.
  • Bowing or inclined walls: hydrostatic pressure caused by excess water around and under the foundation pushing against the wall causes it to curve or tilt. In addition, some other signs, such as missing or cracked floor tiles, cracks in the garage floor or concrete slab, creaking floors, chimneys leaning away from the house, and so on, are also things you should watch out for.

The potential risks of leaving foundation cracks unrepaired.

Home foundation cracks can vary in terms of appearance and have many potential risks if not handled in time and properly. It requires professional knowledge to determine the type of damage they will incur. Experts point out some of the dangers associated with unrepaired foundation cracks, as follows:

  • a damaged and unattractive exterior. As mentioned, foundation cracks can cause cracks in floors and ceilings, tilting walls, and uneven floors. If it is not repaired, the house’s aesthetics will be significantly affected. In case the owners want to sell or rent, of course, the damage to their economic profit from the real estate will be much greater than the investment in the repair.
  • Water infiltration and moisture problems Foundation cracks allow water and gas to seep into the basement, even insects. Water can also pass through cracks in ceilings and windows. Humidity and mold cause unpleasant odors, and home furniture is at risk of deterioration and damage. In the long run, if left untreated, this situation worsens. As a result, water seepage can cause the concrete structure to become porous, negatively affecting its solidity.
  • Structural problems. Compared to large-scale buildings, home foundation cracks do not pose any immediate risk, but the structure’s durability will be affected. It gradually weakens around the crack due to the accumulation of moisture and foundation porosity, especially if the crack is in the bearing part of the foundation.
  • Health risk. Cracks in the foundation act as an entry point for moisture, creating a high-humidity environment that is ideal for mold growth. This is a great concern for residents living in the house with health problems related to the respiratory tract and allergies.

Foundation crack repair services

If there are signs of cracking in the foundation of your home, the most sensible course of action is to repair it as soon as possible to eliminate the potential hazards. To ensure its effectiveness, it’s important to have it carried out by professionals with the necessary expertise in house foundation crack repair.

We are a reputable basement foundation crack repair contractor in Seattle. Our team will assess the severity of the problem homeowners are facing and recommend the most effective and suitable solution thanks to their great experience and advanced skills in handling foundation problems.

Two variants can be performed within the repairs: exterior and interior.

  • Exterior Foundation Repair: After a thorough examination of the condition of the crack, this solution will be suggested. Typically, the procedure will include cleaning surfaces, sealing visible cracks, and finally applying a protective primer.
  • Interior Foundation Repair: This solution includes the installation of internal piles, which are required if the external foundation repair system is not sufficient to stabilize or raise the foundation of the building.

How Much Does a Foundation Crack Repair Cost?

The average cost to repair foundation cracks in Seattle, WA, ranges from $950.00 to $2,650.00. It depends on the actual condition and complexity of the repair. As the most professional crack foundation repair company in the Seattle area, Basement Expert guarantees homeowners permanent, durable solutions to foundation cracks at a competitive price compared to similar units on the local market. Call now for a long-lasting and problem-free foundation for years to come.


Regarding foundation repair, there are many questions. Below are the concerns that Basement Expert’s customers often encounter:

When foundation cracks first appear, they might not be a big deal. But it is a warning that if they go untreated for a long time, they can cause serious structural problems.
Foundation cracks have different severity levels, so only experts can accurately identify the problem and assess the potential damage.
With different types of cracks and causes, treatment methods will be distinguishable. So, first, delve into the problem you are facing. We will work with you to find the best way to fix your problem.

Fine, if the crack is hairline size. If cracks appear to be 1/10 of an inch, seek support from a Basement Expert for a thorough inspection.

If you incorrectly diagnose the issue, it could get worse.

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