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French drain installationOur contracting company Basement Expert provides services to customers, individuals, and legal entities in the design, installation, and renovation of drainage systems, as well as waterproofing of underground floors, foundations, reservoirs, and other objects, both residential and public or commercial. We are a company that installs French drains at competitive rates and in the shortest amount of time. The types of French drain installation in Everett, Washington, are detailed below, as well as the main types of work and benefits we provide to our customers when contacting our company.

Our French drain installation services

Our company has been engaged in the professional installation of the French drain in Everett for several years already, we carry out all work in compliance with the standards, and technological maps, and we provide an additional guarantee for the result. The French drain system will allow you to get rid of the following problems in your facility:

  • Stagnation of water in the area during the snowmelt in spring.
  • Retention of melt or wastewater in the basement of your home.
  • Prevention of the risk of causing irreparable damage to building structures and finishing elements under the influence of water.
  • Aesthetic appearance, and high-strength decorative grating, compared to other types of drainage systems.
  • The system does not entail increased costs; an affordable price for the average consumer distinguishes it.
  • When installing French drainage, the risk of additional hydrostatic pressure on foundation structures and basement walls located below the ground level is eliminated.
  • The owners of a plot of land will eliminate the waterlogging problem, which will entail the death of lawn grass.

Thus, we recommend that every property owner who has encountered the problem of sewage or meltwater retention, contact us to install a French drain system.

Exterior French drain

French drain in EverettWe strongly recommend exterior French drain installation to every land owner, which will help to get rid of flooding and excess water after the snow melts, or during heavy rains in the rainy season. French drainage installed outside will help new lawn grass grow quickly and not die due to excessive snow melting.

A recess is made in the ground in the form of a gutter, where the tray body is inserted from plastic or other materials. Trays are exposed on a slope so that water flows down along them to a point of discharge.

Our company installs these drainage systems in Everett, WA on a turnkey basis, guaranteeing the reliability and efficiency of the entire structure, as well as its low cost compared to other more complex engineering solutions.

Interior French drain

The installation of outdoor drains does not always can be done from the exterior. When water accumulates on the underground floors of residential or commercial buildings, we offer customers a high-quality installation of an interior French drain, which can quickly get rid of any problems with flooding.

We arrange a French drain in the foundation, without violating the integrity and strength of the structure.

Commercial French drain

Commercial objects can have a large area and a complex configuration of the site or basement. In such cases, an individual hydraulic calculation of the French drain system with the selection of trays of the desired cross-section may be required.

We have in the staff of our decent company not only engineers and craftsmen but also designers who will draw up a plan of a building or site, calculate the predicted volume of waste or meltwater and select the desired system, after which they will develop drawings. Our contractors will quickly start work and install the French drain strictly to the project and regulatory requirements, which guarantees reliability to the customer.

Residential French drain

It should be noted that installing a French drain around the house is not an easy task for a contractor, because here it is important to observe not only the reliability of engineering decisions but also to take into account the aesthetic appeal of the installed systems. We conduct free consultations for the customer during the visit to the object, we take into account both the wishes of the owner of the residential building and the regulatory requirements.

During installation work, we use only professional and advanced equipment, which does not damage the foundation and other supporting structures, or landscaping elements of the site.

How Much Does a French Drain Cost to Install?

The average cost to install a French drain in Everett ranges from $50 to $300 per linear foot, but prices are always calculated on an individual estimate, which is provided to each customer free of charge. The following direct and indirect factors influence the final cost of work:

  • Land area.
  • The total amount of work.
  • The amount of water on the site that is collected during heavy rains or floods.
  • Is there water in the basement?
  • The type of cover to be cut for the tray device.

We guarantee a professional approach to each customer, as well as the best prices for all types of work among competitors, and our customers leave only positive feedback about us on independent forums on the net.


Below are the most frequently asked questions from our customers, which saves them time waiting for a response from our technical support team.

Yes, of course, after the installation of the French drain, the owners of land lots and private houses notice that their object is no longer flooded even in heavy rains.
Yes, it is the French drain system that is distinguished by the most optimal ratio of price, quality, reliability, and durability. The systems are presented on the market with different overall dimensions and with different design solutions. This allows the engineer to accurately calculate the volume of collected water.
The cost of work and French Drain is the most profitable engineering solution on the market in the city of Everett. Every average resident or owner of a land plot with a house or a commercial facility can afford to install this system. The cost of installation in our company ranges from $50 to $300 per linear foot, but prices are always calculated on an individual estimate, which is provided to each customer free of charge.
When water from rain or melting snow collects on the site, it filters through the soil, which causes increased local hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls and building foundations. Concrete gradually begins to break down from the water, which leads to the formation of pores, as well as water ingress into the room. This destroys the finish and disables appliances, causing discomfort. Installing drainage using French Drain technology allows you to quickly solve this problem.
Installation of French Drain from our company in the area nearby the area of Everett takes only a few days, depending on the amount of work, and the landscaping elements on the site are practically not damaged. The manufacturer of the system guarantees that it can be operated on a plot of land or in the basement of a house for 15 years or more. The system requires periodic maintenance and cleaning.

Our Service Area

We provide french drain installation services in Everett, WA and surrounding areas (98201, 98203, 98204, 98206, 98207, 98208, 98213).

Also we serving SeattleBellevue and nearby area.

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