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French drain installationWe provide quality and fast French drain installation in Bellevue, Washington on a turnkey basis. Owners of residential or commercial properties, as well as private land plots, can often have problems with flooding, and water accumulation in the basement. To avoid this, and to prevent damage to building structures, and the death of lawn grass, you should contact us today to install French drains.

Our French Drain Services in Bellevue

Our company will professionally mount a French drain in Bellevue, in strict accordance with the regulatory documentation and the project. We guarantee that each of our customers, owners of residential or commercial real estate, will be able to quickly solve the following problems associated with the stagnation of rain or meltwater on the site or in the basement of their house:

  • Water retention in the area after snow melts.
  • The penetration of water from a piece of land to the walls filed houses or through the foundation into the interior space.
  • Reducing the risk of damage, partial or complete destruction of building load-bearing or enclosing structures in a private residential building or commercial facility due to prolonged exposure to water.
  • The French drainage system significantly reduces the risk of increasing hydrostatic pressure on the building structures.

Each customer who contacts us ultimately decides to order this drainage system from our company, after which the homeowners enjoy their dry land and can use the basement.

Exterior French drain

French drain in BellevueWe have been doing exterior French drain installation on various properties in Bellevue, WA for several years now. We offer only the most reliable and efficient solutions for our customers. Before starting work, our engineer surveys the site determines the slope of the earth, after which he takes measurements and transfers this information to the designers.

Further, a project is being developed, considering the depth, the area, and the point of discharge.

Interior French Drain

In the case where the French drain can’t be installed on the exterior when water accumulates on the underground floors of residential or commercial buildings, we offer customers a high-quality installation of an interior French drain, which can quickly get rid of any problems with flooding.

We arrange a French drain in the foundation, without violating the integrity and strength of the structure, in accordance with Washington state codes.

Commercial French Drain

We are ready to lay a utility system for a commercial or industrial facility of any complexity, configuration, and area, regardless of the floor slope, amount of water, and technical conditions.

Some commercial projects requiring perform a geodetic survey, after which we develop a project and strictly follow the drawings and regulatory documents during its implementation.

The French drain system, installed by us, allows owners of commercial premises and their tenants to get rid of water in the basement, loading area, sales areas, on porches, entrances, as well as around the perimeter of the building, in the parking lot and the territory adjacent to the object. We guarantee the efficiency of the sewerage system and the rapid drainage of the land even during the rainy season.

Residential French Drain

As a rule, the owners discover the problem of flooding a plot of land and the basement of a building too late, when all the finishing and landscaping work has been completed and the facility is already in operation. However, our engineers and installers, in Bellevue, can do all the work quickly and efficiently, what attest the reviews of our clients.  Resident French drain will also make it possible to permanently protect the foundation structures and the outer part of the basement walls from destruction. So, trusting the Basement Expert you can no longer worry about your house waterproof.

How Much Does a French Drain Cost to Install?

We remind every customer that the average cost to install a French drain in Bellevue cannot be announced immediately after the consultation. This is because each object has its characteristics, and the calculation of the estimate requires the development of a project.

The cost of work depends on such criteria as the complexity of the terrain on the land, slope, elevation difference, the composition of the soil base or the type of building structures, removal of the discharge point, and other parameters.

The basic prices for installing a French drainage system in our company ranges from $50 to $300 per linear foot.


Below each potential customer, a visitor to our site can see detailed answers to the most popular questions asked by property owners, which will save time waiting for a response from our technical support service.

Yes, of course, each of our customers who previously suffered from flooding of the site or water in the basement of their house, today completely got rid of this problem, because French drains collect water from a large area and purposefully divert it to a disposal well.
Yes, we recommend this system to every one of our customers as it is the perfect combination of reliability, practicality, and affordable value for every average nearby the local area of Bellevue, Washington resident. When the customer decides to install, he can be sure that his lawn grass will not die, and the basement will always be dry.
The prices for the installation of this drainage system in our company starting from $50 and can go up to $300 per linear foot, including consumables. To request the exact cost of work, just call us at the phone number listed on the website or send your written request in the feedback window, we will come to your facility, inspect it and draw up a project with an estimate.
If a piece of land is potentially floodable, water collects on it, which is filtered through the ground. The same trouble occurs with a high level of groundwater. These natural phenomena provide hydrostatic pressure on the walls of the basement and the foundation of the facility. This leads to the fact that water gradually destroys building structures and enters the basement. If a French drainage system is installed in all rooms below the footing, this problem automatically disappears.

Our Service Area

We provide french drain installation services in Bellevue, WA and surrounding areas (98004, 98005, 98006, 98007, 98008, 98009).

Also we serving Seattle, Everett and nearby area.

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