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Foundation repair process

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We purchased a house in Seattle about 6 months ago. In a couple of months, we’ve noticed a couple of leaking spouts on the basement level and started to look for a company to deal with it. The Basement Expert team managed it just great! All the leaking despaired, and the problem was solved just in 1,5 weeks.

Foundation repair turned out to be quite a problem for me. I have dealt with several companies before the Basement Expert. I called the Basement Expert guys and they helped me rather quickly. So, I may recommend them with confidence.
Ordered the foundation repairs at Basement Expert for my Seattle house and was really satisfied with what they have done. Brilliant work!

Exceptionally professional service by Basement Expert and salespeople are very knowledgeable on foundation repairs.

Did a great job foundation repair. Professionalism throughout very happy with the final product.
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Are you thinking of the foundation repair in Seattle? Well, here’s great news: you can cooperate with Basement Expert. Our staff is ready to provide proper help no matter how complex the problem is if we are a certified foundation repair company in Seattle.

Common Foundation Problems That Should be an Alarm for You

You always need to inspect the condition of your house regularly. And it is a good idea to ask for help if you face some issues. Look through the list below to learn about the most typical problems with the foundation:

  • Rotten wood (removing the rotten areas is a number one task here).
  • Exterior cracks (such a situation may require exterior foundation repair but final the experts will decide).
  • Presence of spaces between floors and ceilings, and walls (it may mean that the leveling and lifting of the foundation should be performed in this case).
  • Cracked walls (the reasons for it may vary and they are not connected just with the foundation. An issue may also have to deal with the shrinkage of concrete).
  • The trouble with opening and closing the doors (the matter must be examined because the reason may also be in something different), and other stuff.

So, if you come across one of these problems in Seattle, WA, think about ordering an inspection of your house. It will give you an understanding of what is going on and how serious an issue can be.

There may be some other problems too. If you come across something that was not listed in this list, do not hesitate to ask our nearby representatives about this. They will undoubtedly help you to figure out what is wrong thanks to their relevant and great experience in this area, and accordingly, fix foundation issues.

Interior Foundation Repair: What Is It All About

The decision about the necessity of the interior foundation repair is going to be made only after the experts take a closer look at what you think to be the problem. They will consider what can be donseattlee in such a situation, and surely, you will be informed about this.

However, this professional solution can be handy if the exterior foundation repair systems are not enough to stabilize or lift the structure’s foundation. And, in this case, the installation of the interior piles may turn out to be necessary.

Anyway, you will just be watching the process as a viewer, and you will stay tuned about what is going on.

Exterior Foundation Repair: Is It Hard?

The procedure of the outside foundation repair is not complicated for those who know how to deal with it. Again, first, your Seattle, WA house will be inspected carefully, and the work will begin only when there is a certain decision made.

When such a process takes place, the experts start by clearing the surface that will be recovered, and sealing the crack if it is visible. Then, there is a protective lining that must be used.

Anyway, the work will consist of several stages, and only advanced professionals are able to handle it.

Commercial Foundation Repair Services in Seattle, WA

If you own a business and face the necessity to complete the foundation repair of new construction (or older commercial buildings), there is no reason to do such a thing yourself. You are going to risk precious time, and probably, money. Repairs of poor quality will have to be done all over again, and this is rather painful.

That is why the best solution you can stick to is hiring Washington experts who have great skills and are aware of how exactly your problem can be fixed. They will check what’s happening, and you will be suggested to familiarize yourself with an estimate which is an approximation of how much the services are about to cost. If you are okay with what you will be given, go ahead, and stick to the assistance of the foundation repair contractor in Seattle named Basement Expert. Also we serving Everett, Bellevue and nearby area.

Residential Foundation Repair in Seattle, WA

Do you live in a big house in Seattle? In case it is so, you are likely to value what you have. And, when there is a certain issue with what you are in love with so much (your home), you are about to panic. But here is what we can tell you: it is pointless. Just refer to us for help and we will see what we can do.

There are two variants that can be performed within the repairs: the exterior and interior repairs.

Our specialists are about to figure out what will suit more in your individual case. We are ready to assure you that all the work will be done quickly and effectively.

The Seattle clients who have already cooperated with us state politeness and efficiency of the assistance. Besides, the cost you will familiarize yourself with is going to be rather close to what you will have to pay in the end.

If you doubt whether you should go for the house foundation repair or not, here is what it can give you:

  • The confidence that the foundation will last you without any problems for many more years to come
  • Safety personally for you and your family
  • An opportunity to save money in the future if the problem will be eliminated on time.
Absolutely. Ignoring the issues with your foundation is likely to result in getting into greater trouble. For instance, wood can get into the house, and you will have to repair the foundation plus, other stuff.
They surely can. It is a great idea to refer to a nice company that will present you with qualitative services, and you will forget about the issues with your foundation.
It can lead to negative consequences for your home property. And the more you postpone the repairs, the greater sum of money you are likely to pay later. That is why just do everything on time.
The cost depends on several factors. First, it is the complexity of work that must be done, and second, it is the number of hours that will be spent. The average cost of the foundation repair is from 7,000 to $ 1300, depending on the complexity and volume of work.
Nobody can stop you from trying. However, the results, in this case, are likely to be worse than you expect. That is why just delegate such a task to real experts.

Our Service Area

We provide foundation repair services in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas (98101–98119, 98121–98122, 98124–98127, 98129, 98131, 98133–98134, 98136, 98138–98139, 98141, 98144–98146, 98148, 98154–98155, 98158, 98160–98161, 98164–98166, 98168, 98170, 98174–98175, 98177–98178, 98181, 98185, 98188, 98190–98191, 98194–98195, 98198–98199).

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